Tal Medical is a clinical stage medical device company, developing a non-invasive neurostimulation device to treat psychiatric disorders. The device utilizes an innovative low-field magnetic stimulation (“LFMS”) technology discovered at the McLean Hospital, a leading psychiatric research facility affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The company’s initial focus is on depression, a disease that is the #1 cause of suicide and the #2 cause of disability in the US.

We believe that LFMS has the ultimate potential to redefine the clinical practice of psychiatry, in a similar way as devices have done in cardiology, oncology and other clinical areas. In human clinical trials at McLean/Harvard University and the National Institutes of Health, LFMS has demonstrated a rapid onset of action in unipolar and bipolar depression. If we are able to validate this immediate effect in a large-scale, multi-site trial and establish meaningful treatment durability, we believe that LFMS could become a first-in-class, acute treatment option in depression. Such acute treatment may fill a vast unmet need in psychiatry, where anti-depressant drugs require 4-10 weeks to act, leaving the patient at risk for suicide and disability in the first weeks/months of treatment.